About Essential Screens

Essential Screens is a full-service background screening and drug testing company that specializes in obtaining quality data from county, state and national level agencies, laboratories, past employers and education facilities throughout the United States.  Each background check and drug test that our company processes is handled by our trained and knowledgeable staff to assure you will make the right decision.

Why Hire Essential Screens?

Bring the “Essential Difference” to your team. When you work with Essential Screens you will always have someone to personally speak with when you have questions. Each staff member is knowledgeable and trained to focus on providing exceptional quality data and customer service. You can be confident, working with Essential Screens the results you receive will be accurate, thorough, and exceed the standards outlined in our industry.

Employers face threats regarding “negligent hiring”, properly screening your potential employee through a complete and thorough background screening company allows your human resource department to make the right decisions to avoid the threat of a lawsuit. Essential Screens does not rely on only database searches, every screen is verified to give you the best data possible while maintaining a faster then average turnaround time for your reports.

You can work with a number of other screening companies, but why not work with the best? Call Essential Screens!