Are you addressing all hiring risks?

Background checks may seem like an easy choice for most employers, however, the benefit of screening applicants may far extend what even they previously thought. Many workplace issues can be reduced with a quality hire, including: turnover, accidents, absenteeism and theft/fraud. Implementing a background screening program at your company will help you address these hiring risks.

Improve Your Quality of Hire
Improving your quality of hire will be one of the first things you will notice when using a background screening program. Hiring talented and reliable employees is a struggle for nearly all businesses. We perform background checks, reference checks and license checks to help you make a well informed decision.

Decrease Turnover
Completing background screens on new employees will help your company dramatically reduce your rate of unwanted employee turnover. This information can be used to better assess the integrity of a job candidate. Knowing more about your hires before a job offer is made will help you make better decisions by understanding their past work history.

Safety and Security
Background checks will help you reduce the probability of future workplace violence by filtering out applicants that could present a threat to your workplace. A background check can divulge information such as driving records involving a company vehicle, civil lawsuits less than seven years old, sex offender data for at-risk jobs, and county, state or federal convictions. Drug and alcohol tests can identify applicants with substance abuse or alcohol problems.

Past violent convictions will show insight into behavioral habits that may pose to be an issue in the future. A concentrated approach to background screening will eliminate workers who have a history of harmful or negligent behavior, or who may repeat that behavior on the job.

If you are ready to start your background screening program, reach out to one of our consultants today to help you develop the best program for your company.

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