Ban The Box

An important phrase to understand when conducting background checks is “Ban the Box”. Let’s dive in to see why it’s important.

There are a large number of hirable adults in the US that have criminal records or convictions. Those convictions can cause them to be overlooked for positions, even if they would be a great fit and are qualified. “Ban the box” is a policy change that allows employers to look at their candidates’ qualifications first, by removing the question about convictions from their applications.

Seeing these convictions after a conditional job offer has been made allows employers to make decisions based on the individual, not widespread policy. It creates a case-by-case basis where the age of the conviction and the relevance to the position can be weighed.

There have been studies showing employment plays a major role in whether or not past offenders will become repeat offenders.

This policy has been researched in the US and the research shows employers are more likely to hire a candidate with a criminal record after they have had a chance to meet their applicants and study their qualifications. Nationwide 37 states and over 150 cities and counties have adopted this policy or one like it. Federal agencies adopted this policy in 2015 and several large private employers have also adopted “Ban the Box”.

You meet the candidates, Essential Screens is here to meet your background check needs, so you can “Imagine Less Risk”.

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