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Hiring can be a long, drawn-out and even tedious task. Often, by the time a suitable candidate is found, the hiring manager is ready to close the book on that particular position. However, it is always worth the extra effort to run a background check on your potential hires. Here are a list of reasons why it is important to not only you, but your company and clients.

  1. Criminal Convictions
    Learning if a candidate has a criminal history that could impact their performance on the job is important. For instance, if you are hiring someone to work with children, you would not want to hire a candidate with a history of assault. If you are hiring someone to handle money, you would want to avoid theft charges.
  2. Reduce Your Liability Risk
    Hiring people you know nothing about is a risk. Reduce that risk by knowing what their history is about. Limit your liability by running a background check and eliminating candidates that have a history that would negatively affect their ability to perform the job. For instance, you would not want to hire a truck driver with a history of DUIs.
  3. Know Your Hire
    Applicants are trying to get hired. They are putting their best foot forward and showing you only the parts of themselves that would be beneficial to the company.  By performing a background check you will have a clear picture of who you are hiring. A background check can help you cut through the interview façade to understand who the person really is and if they would be a good addition to the company.
  4. Protect Your Employees, Company and Clients
    Truly understanding the individuals you employ will help you protect your company, employees and clients. From violent criminals to sex offenders, there are individuals seeking employment that are simply a huge risk to hire. If you hire a violent criminal without running a background check and a fellow employee is assaulted, you could be held liable. A background check will add a layer of protection for you, your company, your employees and clients from harm.
  5. Verify Education and Certifications
    Running a background check is also a great opportunity to verify applicants education or any special certifications that they claim to hold. This can be done to verify honesty, or in some instances, that they are legally able to hold the position. In some industries, degrees or certifications are legally necessary to perform the job.
  6. Peace of Mind
    Knowing who you are hiring can give you peace of mind about adding the person to your team. After all, you have enough on your plate without worrying about employee theft or violence.

Running background checks allows you to learn as much as possible about the person you are about to hire. Take the time to go the extra step, it always pays off!