Performing background checks is a great way to ensure you are making sound hiring decisions. Applicants can easily provide you false or purposefully misleading information. It makes sense to perform due diligence and run a background screen. Here are some quick tips for performing to help you through the process.

Always ask for consent. You must have applicants sign a written consent to have a background check performed. The consent informs applicants of their rights and clearly states what will be included. This will ensure that the company and applicant are on the same page.

Understand your consumer reporting agency’s (CRA) turnaround time. Even when running the same search, CRAs often have differing turnaround times. Before ordering, talk to your account manager and understand what the timeline is for the various searches you will need.

Create a company-wide background screening policy. This will protect your company from allegations of discrimination. Perform the same screens on all individuals who will be performing like tasks. Ensure the information you are gathering on background screens is relevant to the job you are hiring for.

Ask for references. If you are thinking of switching CRAs, ask for a couple of business references so you can do your own research on them. This is just one more step to protect your company.

Don’t do it yourself. There are new sites popping up all the time that offer quick, easy and even instant search results that you can do yourself. What you will actually get is irrelevant and inconclusive information and miss out on the discerning eye of a professional.

If you ever have any questions regarding background screens, don’t hesitate to call one of our certified screening professionals.