Using a professional background screening firm as opposed to working on your own has many benefits. Partnering with a reputable agency such as Essential Screens, will make it so you have an advocate for your company and people with you every step of the hiring process.

Working with a background screening firm offers you the following:

The subject of the background check has the right to a copy of their report and”A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act”.

Professional screening firms operate in a controlled, regulated and transparent process pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).Background checks are only conducted with the applicant’s written consent. Further, applicants are also protected by state consumer protection and privacy laws. Professional screening firms must follow the FCRA’s “reasonable procedures to assure maximum possible accuracy” of the information concerning consumer reports that are used for employment and tenant screening. Consumers have a right under the FCRA to challenge the information in a background check in a well-defined dispute resolution process, at no cost to the applicant.

Professional screening firms have a variety of tools at their disposal in the search for criminal histories beyond fingerprints. For example, professional screening firms can match criminal records to applicants with a combination of identifiers including social security number, date of birth, alias names, driver’s license numbers and past addresses. Obtaining maximum possible accuracy requires a combination of data points that can only be brought together by a professional screening firm.

Professional screening firms can often yield faster response times, usually returning a background check within 48-72 hours, thereby reducing the time employers and landlords may take in approving applicants.

Professional screening firms are pushed by market forces to maintain a high-level of accuracy and value, resulting in a more cost-effective option for employers and others seeking to conduct necessary background checks.

Source: NAPBS: The Voice of Screening Professionals