Online Security Concept – Fingerprint on Virtual Screen

While pre-employment screening has a variety of advantages, all making a hiring disaster less likely, a number of them are extremely beneficial.  By having a stringent background screening policy in place, a company will automatically reduce their employee pool by filtering out those individuals who have falsified their past and identify those capable of possibly repeating it.

A background check will ensure that applicants are not falsifying their identity or criminal history. First you must start with a Social Security trace and address verification, which will identify all previous addresses and aliases.  Used in conjunction with a national criminal search that includes all known aliases, you get a complete picture of who they are and where they have lived. Only then can companies be assured they are hiring exactly who they think they are hiring, and not an identity thief, or worse.

Background screens will also verify past education and job experience of the applicants.  This will authenticate the applicants resume and credentials, possible licenses, performance, and job titles.

Essential Screens can also help determine if an applicant has a criminal history or arrest record, if there have been driving issues, drug problems, or if they are a sexual offender.  This will prevent hiring individuals who would be considered a risk factor.

Utilizing Essential Screens for your hiring needs will not only give you peace of mind, but will make your team stronger by making better hiring decisions.