When money gets tight, companies begin to cut costs, making hiring decisions a crucial step of your company’s success. A vital component of hiring is performing a background check on prospective hires. When it comes to your business, you cannot afford to make a bad hiring decision. Being diligent up front when hiring will save you money long term.

Preventing loss by employee theft, poor work standards, dangerous employees or employees with a poor attendance record will help your company’s culture and bottom line. The best line of defense against a bad employee is a careful and thoughtful hiring process.

Protect Your Company from Legal Liability

Not all business owners understand that there are legal liabilities associated with an employee that causes harm in a direct service position. These employees include daycare workers, elderly care, healthcare, etc. If the employee has a history of wrongdoing, the company will be liable for damages.

Carefully Select Your Consumer Reporting Agency

Since you are taking a step to prevent financial loss and legal liability, you want to be sure to partner with a company you trust. Experience, thoroughness, reliability and industry knowledge are all valuable in a consumer reporting agency.
Make sure you partner with a company who has people running the background checks to look for errors, inconsistencies and to sort through the data. Purchasing an instant public record will result in a database search that may be out of date or have mountains of information that has not been cleaned up. This could put your company at risk.

Purchase Only the Background Checks You Need

Depending on the industry, you may only need to run certain aspects of a background check. Working with a company that understands your needs and will only charge for the checks run, will greatly benefit your company.