Protect Your Company, Perform Background ScreensThe success of your company relies on the people you hire to work and represent your organization. It is important to take steps to hire the best employees possible in every position. When the financial future of your company is on the line, you need to be extra diligent about whom you trust.

Numerous aspects of your business can make you vulnerable, and when hiring for these positions, you should consider using background checks as an important pre-hiring tool to reduce your financial risk.

Many industries have an obvious need to conduct background checks, those working with children, those servicing seniors and healthcare related jobs, etc. But risk doesn’t stop there. All employers are susceptible to making the occasional error in character judgment, and the fact is, background checks are a smart way to protect your company, your financial assets, clients and your employees.

Businesses frequently suffer loss from an employee theft of cash, time or merchandise; loss from workplace violence, substance abuse, missed work or a multitude of other ways that a bad hire can cost a business. Whether loss is in the terms of direct loss, damage to reputation, litigation, or something else, it can be expensive.

Protect your customers and staff from bad hires who commit theft, fraud or violence by conducting reasonable background checks during pre-hire. If one of your employees commits a criminal act, you may be held liable, if it is determined that you ought to have learned more about them before hiring. Any negligence will cost your business in both dollars and reputation. Don’t let this happen to you or your company, perform pre-hire screenings to reduce your risk.

Source: Use Background Checks to Protect Company Assets, Go2HR