By Steve Brownstein – The Background Investigator

There is a lot of misinformation around about public record searching. How many of the following six statements about public record searching do you believe to be true?

•It’s all free online. Why should I have to pay for it?
•I can find all the information I need using Google.
•To find criminal records, all I need to do is use a national database.
•I do background checks for employers, but I am not a consumer reporting agency because I don’t provide credit reports.
•I can do all my public record searching with my membership web account that gives me access to 35,000+ databases of public records.
•Certain records may be open to the public in one state, but in another state they are not open.

The reality is that only the last statement is true. The first five statements above represent common myths thought to be true by individuals who are looking for the easy way to find public records. If you are someone who practices due diligence when using public records for decision-making and know the first five statements are false, you are already a step ahead.