When you are hiring, do you complete verification on your new hires work history, education history, licenses and credentials or military history? If the thought of this has you overwhelmed, we can help. Verification is an imperative part of the hiring process and should never be skipped or glazed over.

Verification of a job applicant’s professional and educational history, or other provided information, is critical to confirming a candidate’s qualifications. A major concern in the hiring process in any industry is falsification of information on a resume or application; however, verifying credentials will help identify discrepancies which can save your company time and money in the long run. Verifications may be undertaken by the employer, but due to the time and cost associated with this process, many elect to outsource them to a background screening company.

The most common verification services include the following:

  • Employment History
  • Education History
  • Professional and Personal Reference Interviews
  • Earned Credentials/Licenses
  • Military Service

Since verification can be a long process, it can be very beneficial to outsource this to a consumer reporting agency. Even though the verification is outsourced, the employer still plays a critical role in the successful completion of a verification request by providing proper and complete information early in the process. Complete information provided to the CRA minimizes the potential
for delays.

Source: NAPBS publication: Verifications Best Practices: What Employers Need to Know for Successful Outsourced Verifications