Risk management is essential in today’s world.  The less risk a business faces, the greater probability of success.  Using background screens for job seekers is a thorough way to reduce risk and weed out the bad eggs.  Think of a background check as an information asset to help you make informed, profitable business decisions.

Hiring the right people for your company can make all the difference in your company’s bottom line.  By using a professional background check and performing due diligence before hiring, you can have a plan in place for the right people and know exactly who you are hiring, without question.

Here are a few reasons background checks are an important part of the hiring process:

1. Risk Reduction. Background screening is important for new employees to lower your risk, but is also important to verify the reputation and operations of foreign business contacts, obtain information on assets and liabilities, and more. In short, Essential Screens helps clients obtain more information and evidence to make an informed decision.

2. Reputation Management. What if you’ve found the perfect candidate to manage your investment or legal team, but the subject has a horrible reputation or history or fraud? Or, let’s say you are a very attractive investment opportunity, but you’re not sure if the company or individual is legitimate. Hiring the wrong manager or starting a business relationship with the wrong person can not only damage your reputation, but can result in major financial loss. If your contact is overseas, then the risk is even greater, and so is the need to get the facts.

3. Verify Facts. It’s easy to create the perfect resume, or even apply to be a franchisee with the perfect credentials. But, screening the list of candidates or offers is no easy task. Business fraud and scams are more common than ever, and if a resume or investment application looks promising, it is essential to verify the facts. Essential Screens routinely verifies past employment and education.

4. Save Time and Money. Background screening is a wise “insurance” to have. In the long run, spending money on verifying new business contacts, companies and hires saves companies and individuals valuable time and money. Hiring a manager who ends up costing the company millions in a legal battle for bad decisions, for example, or investing money with a company that doesn’t even exist can be a costly learning experience.

Source: The Background Investigator – Why Real Background Checks Are So Important for Business