Sometimes it takes the unimaginable to identify our areas that need improvement and further strategic planning.   Due to courthouse closures across the US, limited staff availability and inaccessibility, our company and industry have had to review how we operate.

To this end, Essential Screens, along with the other members of our professional organization, are taking this time to visit with state and federal legislators, court officials, and other educational and credentialing organizations.  We are asking for each court to ensure they have a system set up that certified consumer reporting agencies can access to ensure that the issues of today are not the same issues of tomorrow.   CRAs working on behalf of businesses and organizations would have access at different levels than an individual requesting information through the Freedom of Information Act.

As a CRA, we are fighting to ensure that we have access to the information you need to bring on additional staff and keep the economy going.   There are several industries that are federally or contractually mandated, you need to have background checks so you can continue to run your businesses.

Additionally, we are taking this time to revisit our vendors and make sure that they are employing the same stringent security and safety measures as we are internally.  We are putting America first and verifying that our vendors are not contracting workers outside of the United States (except when running a background check in that country).

Thank you for your business and your support as we continue to provide you with the most accurate customer reports and the highest level of customer service.  We will get through this….TOGETHER.

Dawn Hill
Business Development and Compliance Manager
Essential Screens