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Background Checks – Myth vs. Fact

Background checks are commonly used by employers, landlords, and various organizations to verify the history and integrity of individuals. However, several myths and misconceptions persist

Medical Sanctions Screening

Medical sanctions screening is a process used by healthcare organizations, insurance companies, and regulatory bodies to ensure that individuals and entities involved in healthcare services

The Problem with a National Search

Check it out The National Multi-Jurisdictional Database can be a very important tool when it comes to your background screening process as it widens the

Human Trafficking and Sealing Records

Sealing records is often considered a way to give individuals with criminal histories a chance at rehabilitation and a fresh start. For human trafficking survivors

Bankruptcy and Civil Record Checks

Bankruptcy and civil records checks can provide essential information to background reports – but how do you know if this is something you should be

Reporting Convictions vs. Arrests

Employment background checks and the use of arrest records by state can vary significantly across the United States due to differing state laws and regulations.

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