Background Screening is Nearly Universal

Nearly 100% of HR professionals believe it is important or somewhat important for companies to have access to global/international screening capabilities and 96% perform some kind of background screen on their employees.

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Tips for a Quick Turnaround Time

Essential Screens has an industry-leading turnaround time for background checks. However, depending on the nature and scope of the requested background check, that time could take longer for a variety of reasons. For example, if there is a holiday, if the courts are backlogged, if the information has not been completed in full, if additional [...]

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Tips for Repairman Visits

Have you ever needed a TV service installed, an appliance repaired, carpets cleaned or plumbing fixed?  Chances are you have been in your house with a complete stranger from a servicing company that may or may not protect customers by vetting employees.  Here are some warning signs that consumers should be aware of when opening [...]

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Temporary Halt in Residential Evictions by the CDC Regarding COVID-19

Effective since September 4, 2020, the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) issued a temporary halt on residential evictions through and including December 31, 2020. The Eviction Moratorium applies nationally to state, local, territorial, or tribal area that does not have a moratorium with the same or a greater level of protection on residential [...]

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Happy New Year!

As the new year begins, we would like to thank you for choosing Essential Screens for your background and drug screening solutions. It has been a sincere pleasure serving you and working together to protect your company and clients. We hope that you have enjoyed the enhanced quality of our products and services. We will [...]

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Happy Holidays!

We wish you a merry and blessed holiday season! - all of us at Essential Screens

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COVID Related Court Closures and Delays

COVID-19 is causing delays and court closings in many areas. We will continue to work for all of our clients to ensure timely responses, as best we can. Keep up to date on all of the court closings and delays at the following location: We appreciate all of our clients and your understanding during [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving offers us a time for reflection and a moment to slow down and soak in our blessings. From all of us at Essential Screens, we wish you a happy and fulfilling holiday, surrounded by happiness and laughter.

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Small Business Best Practices

As small businesses increasingly leverage employment screening to help ensure a safe workplace and improve their quality of hire, many may be overlooking common gaps in their screening program that could be unknowingly exposing themselves to risk. To help ensure a more effective and compliant background screening program, small businesses should consider these four best [...]

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Background Screening in a Global Economy

In today's global economy, background checks are more important than ever. Protect your clients, protect your company, protect your employees and choose background screens. Sources: Professional Background Screening Association

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