Employers make several difficult decisions every day. One of those is determining who to hire. Using Essential Screens for criminal background screens can help you save time, money and reduce your risk.

Top 6 Reasons to Run Background Checks

Hiring can be a long, drawn-out and even tedious task. Often, by the time a suitable candidate is found, the hiring manager is ready to close the book on that particular position. However, it is always worth the extra effort to run a background check on your potential hires. Here are a list of reasons [...]

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Background Checks Protect Your Company

The success of your company relies on the people you hire. It is important to take steps to hire the best employees possible. When the financial future of your company on the line, you need to be extra careful about whom you trust. Numerous aspects of your business can make you vulnerable, and when hiring [...]

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How to Navigate Legalized Marijuana as an Employer

With more states legalizing recreational marijuana, it is important for employers to understand the problems that could arise in the workplace for employers and how to protect your company and employees. Complicating things a bit further, under federal law, marijuana remains illegal to use both medically and recreationally. THC in marijuana affects depth perception, reaction [...]

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Commercial Driver’s Clearinghouse

Congress passed a law in December of 2016 to establish a “clearinghouse” for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) DOT drug and alcohol testing. The Clearinghouse will be an electronic database containing records of violations of drug and alcohol prohibitions. Violations that will be included are positive drug and/or alcohol results, refusals, and other [...]

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The Background Screening Process

Navigating background screens can be tricky. Here is a simple breakdown that helps describe the entire process. We pride ourselves on our turnaround time, accuracy and attention to detail. We are always here to walk you through any process and screen.

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Ten Tips to Hiring and Retaining Employees

A company relies on employees to contribute to a profitable bottom line. While some employees will have a significant impact, others may be smaller, or at least less noticeable, but all of them are important. Recruitment and employee retention can benefit a company, providing an edge if done properly and strategically. Here are some helpful [...]

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Turnaround Time Tips

Essential Screens has an industry-leading turnaround time. However, depending on the nature and scope of the requested background check, that time could take longer for a variety of reasons. For example, if there is a holiday, if the courts are backlogged, if the information has not been completed in full, if additional information has been [...]

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Expanding Your Company’s Protection

Independent contractors, temporary workers and other workers employed by a job placement agency have increased from around 10 percent of the U.S. workforce in 2005 to around 40 percent today. It is necessary for businesses to adapt with the changes and instill stronger screening processes. A bad hire can negatively impact your company’s reputation and [...]

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Background Screening Tips You Need to Know

Performing background checks is a great way to ensure you are making sound hiring decisions. Applicants can easily provide you false or purposefully misleading information. It makes sense to perform due diligence and run a background screen. Here are some quick tips for performing to help you through the process. Always ask for consent. You [...]

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Form I-9 Compliance

If your company is enrolled in E-Verify, please read the following information regarding Form I-9 compliance. When a new employee presents a document for their Form I-9 that triggers photo matching in E-Verify, employers must make a copy of that document to use when creating the E-Verify case and must retain it with the employee’s [...]

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