Driver’s Qualifications

Safe Drivers…You’ve found and hired them. You can pat yourself on the back for keeping your company and the public safe, however, there is more to it than checking those records during the hiring process. A lot can happen in our day-to-day lives, and we want to ensure we are doing what is needed to keep our roads safe.

  • If you employ CDL drivers, yearly Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks are required for FMCSA compliance.
  • Does your company insure non-CDL drivers? Do you know how often you need to run an MVR on your drivers? 

Annual MVRs can help your company stay compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, help decrease your company’s liability, and keep the roads safe for your drivers, acquaintances, and families.

Another yearly requirement for FMCSA CDL drivers is the limited queries through the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. These limited queries allow an employer to see if there have been resolved or unresolved drug and alcohol violations in the past year. This is also a compliance requirement from the FMCSA.

These requirements can feel like burdens, but not to worry! At Essential Screens we will help you to get through these yearly checks and queries. We offer a full range of services to companies that employ CDL drivers, non-CDL drivers, and owner/operators.

Please let us help you keep your business compliant and safe! Inquiries can be sent to or call us at 888-494-9188

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