Drug Testing 101

Should you be utilizing drug testing?

According to the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI), the loss to companies in the United States due to alcohol and drug-related abuse by employees totals $100 billion a year (2021). These numbers are shocking – but pre-employment and random drug testing can save your company countless headaches and costly payouts.

You’re not alone either; with numbers like that, drug testing in the workplace is on the rise. Companies are not only testing prior to employment, but cracking down and testing annually, randomly, post-accident, and when there is reasonable suspicion. This is especially so for the jobs that are safety sensitive or operating heavy equipment.

For some industries, such as transportation, the importance of drug testing is obvious: DOT has strict regulations that mandate pre-employment and random testing of drivers. 

What are the benefits to drug testing? One of the biggest reasons to drug test is for safety. This is not only for the employee, but co-workers, customers, vendors, and other associates. Drug use can cause poor decision making, absences, loss of focus, and sleeping on the job. Not to mention the injuries and accidents it leads to. It can also bring several other problems to your company including violence, low morale, poor work ethic, lack of trust amongst employees, higher turnover rate, loss of customers and a bad reputation.

A drug-free workplace can improve a company’s image and environment, and for some, drug testing can even lower their premiums. And of course, reduce your workers’ compensation claims.

With all the benefits of drug testing, why wouldn’t you? Don’t let the extra work stop you from keeping your company and employees safe – Essential Screens is here to help! We assist in scheduling appointments and recording results and can even manage your DOT program. Drug testing isn’t just important, it’s Essential.

Call or email our team today to learn more about adding drug testing to your screens!



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