Background screenings

We understand that the more skilled a worker is, the more in demand they will be. Essential Screens helps you act fast to identify qualified candidates, and potential risks, before the competition.  

It’s incredibly important in manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, and production facilities to maintain safety. A bad hire increases liability, lowers productivity, and can cause injuries or delays. With comprehensive screening solutions customized for your company’s needs, you can rest easy knowing you’ve made informed decisions to create a safe and compliant work environment.

With our industry leading turnaround times, background checks can be returned to your fingertips faster than ever before! Questions and concerns are quickly addressed by our friendly staff who provide you with support that’s just a phone call away.

customize your manufacturing screening

Our services are 100% customizable to your specific needs! From what is included in your package, a la carte options, how invoices are created, and what level of permissions your users have – you’re completely in control. Several other customizations are available within our verifications and other screens when you call and speak to a friendly staff member today!

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