Medical Sanctions Screening

If you’re in the healthcare industry, it’s important to understand the in-depth screening processes that go beyond criminal background checks and verifying professional licenses. For physicians, nurses, or other healthcare positions, there are many rules, regulations, laws, and exclusion lists that employers must navigate to avoid penalties.

A healthcare sanctions check searches more than 1,000 government sources for any penalties, suspensions, or disciplinary actions taken against a healthcare professional. 

Among these include the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) & System for Award Management (SAM) exclusion lists. This search is valuable for discovering Medicare/Medicaid fraud, patient abuse or neglect, felony convictions related to healthcare financial misconduct or handling of controlled substances.

The consequences to the employer for having excluded persons on their staff are serious, such as forfeiting payment from all federal programs. This extends to leadership, administrative, management, aides, pharmacists, and even ambulance drivers or dispatchers whose services are billed to federal programs. The provider is also subject to civil monetary penalties of $10,000 for each claimed service by excluded person and a penalty assessment of up to 3x the amount claimed.

Manually combing through these lists can be overwhelming and time consuming, so ask us today if you’re interested in adding this search to your reports or would like to learn more about medical sanctions screening.

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