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Be vigilant in protecting your mission, values, and reputation.

We know just how hard you have worked to create a culture and brand around your mission; let’s protect that. Acquiring employees and volunteers that can help reach your goals starts by implementing screening solutions tailored to ensure these individuals uphold your company values and ethics.

Whether it be churches, education non-profits, or even sports organizations – you may rely on volunteers to fill the staffing need in your community. Volunteer and non-profit organizations oftentimes have less strict standards when it comes to hiring, however, that does not mean a background check is less effective or important when it comes to keeping your community and organization safe.

Essential Screens allows you to fully customize screening packages and a la carte options so you’re in control! Our quick turnaround times mean you’re getting the help you need when you need it. 

customize your non-profit screening

Our services are 100% customizable to your specific needs! From what is included in your package, a la carte options, how invoices are created, and what level of permissions your users have – you’re completely in control. Several other customizations are available within our verifications and other screens when you call and speak to a friendly staff member today!

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