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A successful occupational health screening program starts with Essential Screens!

Ensuring that your employees are operating in a safe and effective way is imperative to mitigate risk. With Essential Screens, occupational health services are easily managed and scheduled online with tracking that follows every event change and status of results. We offer Medical Review Officer (MRO) services for non-negative onsite tests through one of our MRO partners. Occupational health services are available through a large network of trusted medical clinics.

    • Drug Testing
    • Vaccinations & Titers
    • Non-DOT & DOT Physical Exams (Pre-Employment/Fit-for-Duty)
    • Hearing, vision, lift/carry, crawl, agility, stamina, balance, stair climbing, standing tolerance, flexibility, strength/muscle testing.
    • Lift tests evaluate a candidate’s ability to perform their job while considering pre-existing injuries or limitations that may impact their aptitude. As well as determining capabilities, it can also help educate the candidate on proper lifting techniques/posture to mitigate future risk of injury on the job.

While this is not a complete list, we offer hundreds of customizable screening options!

Drug Testing

Drug testing has become common for employment screening to ensure the safety of staff and those whom they serve. Pre-employment, random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion testing are all options that several companies utilize to maintain compliance and mitigate risk. Essential Screens offers customizable packages that allow you to get the testing most valuable to you! 

For companies wanting an on-site test for non-regulated industries, we offer many configurations of saliva and/or urine testing. We offer lab services for non-negative on-site tests through one of our MRO partners. 


Many industries require lab testing and Essential Screens is contracted with the four largest labs in addition to many regional and local clinics and collection facilities. Lab testing can be completed with hair, urine, saliva, blood, or breath (for alcohol testing only). Standard configurations and customized panels are available. Where available we also offer onsite collections, physicals (DOT and non-DOT), and occupational health screenings (titers/vaccines/respirator fit tests, etc.).


Vaccinations & Titers

Essential Screens offers hundreds of vaccinations and titers, some of the most common are:

  • Influenza vaccine
  • MMR vaccine and titer
  • Varicella vaccine and titer
  • Hepatitis C titer
  • Hepatitis B vaccine titer

Essential Screens also maintain DOT and Non-DOT consortium for random management.

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