Partnering With A CRA

If you are responsible for hiring at your company or organization, partnering with a background screening company to help find the best candidate for your open positions will most likely be a decision you will not regret; unless you don’t do  your research.

A reputable consumer reporting agency (CRA) will deliver speedy, precise, and inclusive reports; utilizing sound practices to ease your risks and enable you to hire the right people. However, not all CRAs follow the rules.

It is imperative to research a CRA before you sign a contract. By performing due diligence, you not only protect yourself, but you protect your organization. When hiring a background screening company by following this guide:

Make sure that they are an active member of the Professional Background Screening Association, or the PBSA. While not a guarantee, membership in PBSA gives you a good indication that the company is staying current with best practices and changing legislation.

Perform an internet analysis on the company you are considering partnering with to ensure there are no criminal issues or lawsuits. The results will let you know if the company has ever been (or at least recently) in trouble with the law due to poor company practices.

Third, we recommend asking for current customer referrals. It is always good to get a third party opinion, especially when it involves both money and people. A customer referral will let you know what strengths and weaknesses a company has.

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