As businesses are trying to return to the new normal and bring employees back into the workplace, some things may look different. Covid-19 testing organized and sponsored by employers to confirm that workers are either not infected with or are immune to COVID-19 may be the most effective tool to gradually relax social distancing measures and get the country back to work.

Health experts and government leaders have communicated that testing will be vital to reopening the economy, however, there is little guidance in doing so and the cost could be high. Employer testing can also carry potential risks with questionable claims. There are also compliance requirements when you are collecting health information that varies across the country.

Protective measures, such as checking temperatures, wearing masks, disinfecting regularly and social distancing can be adopted quickly. Implementing preventative procedures should be the first step of businesses as they look to reopen or open further to the public.

Whatever solution your business comes to, create a policy and communicate it to all employees so they understand the expectations. If you have any questions about where to find COVID testing, call one of our consultants today.