We know that screening employees, volunteers, and tenants can be difficult and time consuming without access to the right resources.  We also understand that the more you know the easier and quicker hiring and landlord decisions become.  Essential Screens provides an extensive roster of screens, verifications, and searches to give you the knowledge you need when you need it and we are happy to announce that we have new services to offer you.

One-Click Adverse Action
This new feature takes what was a multi-step process on the client end and turns it into a simple click. All steps are still taken and are in compliance with pre-adverse action, the waiting period and the adverse action notice through our system.

Online Reference Checks
The online reference check option allows companies to request reference checks by email, eliminating possible phone tag and producing quicker results. This option is followed up by a traditional phone call reference check if the email is unsuccessful.

Electronic Form I-9
All U.S. employers must properly complete a Form I-9 for each individual who is hired. This includes citizens and noncitizens. Both employees and employers must complete this form. Having the form available electronically allows for ease of use and access of records.

Texting Option
You can now send a text link to your applicants to complete their background checks. Our newest update has made the mobile feature even easier for job candidates.

FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Query Management
Beginning January 6, 2020, the  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires all DOT FMCSA employers and owner/operators to use the Clearinghouse to maintain compliance with their drug and alcohol testing requirements.  Employers may assign an agent to work on their behalf.   Owner/operators MUST assign a third party to conduct their queries and manage the Clearinghouse records.

Continuous Arrest Monitoring
This new service offers the ability to monitor your employees after they are hired for any arrests. Often companies will hire after running one background check and never revisiting that person. This option allows you to have peace of mind with all of your hires and knowledge of possible legal concerns.

Continuous Medical Sanction Monitoring
Opting for continuous medical sanction monitoring allows you to be abreast of loss or limitation of a license, state sanctions, restrictions or limitations of practice, Medicare and Medicaid sanctions and disciplinary actions.

Offering our customers the latest technology with the most accurate results and the shortest turnaround time is our mission. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about any of these services, contact your account representative.