Reviewing & Updating Your Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy

Drug and alcohol testing policies help to ensure a safe and productive work environment. If you don’t have a current policy in place, it might be time to consider creating one. We’re highlighting some of the key reasons why you’ll want to regularly review and update your drug and alcohol testing policy.

Mitigating Risks:

Regular updates help organizations stay proactive in identifying and addressing potential risks associated with substance abuse in the workplace, reducing the likelihood of accidents, injuries, or other negative consequences.

Ensuring Consistency:

Consistency in policy enforcement is crucial. Regular updates help ensure that all employees are subject to the same rules and procedures, promoting fairness and avoiding potential legal issues.

Promoting a Healthy Workplace and Fostering Trust:

A clear and up-to-date drug and alcohol testing policy sends a message to employees about the importance of maintaining a healthy and safe work environment. It can also deter substance abuse by setting clear expectations.

Additionally, a well-maintained and communicated drug and alcohol testing policy fosters trust among employees. It demonstrates that the organization is committed to their safety and well-being, contributing to overall morale and job satisfaction.

Legal Compliance:

Industry standards for drug and alcohol testing may change over time and regular updates ensure that your organization aligns with current best practices within your specific industry. For some, drug testing is not an option but a requirement. Regularly updating your policy ensures that your organization remains compliant with the latest legal requirements, keeping you out of hot water!

Employee Awareness:

Policies need to be communicated effectively to employees. Regular updates provide an opportunity to reiterate the importance of a drug-free workplace, while also reinforcing the organization’s commitment to safety.

Advancements in Testing Technology & Addressing Emerging Substances:

The field of drug and alcohol testing is continually evolving with advancements in technology and updating your policy allows you to incorporate the latest testing methods. Unfortunately, harmful drugs are also changing, and you may need to include testing of additional substances over time. Conversely, laws that decriminalize certain drugs, such as marijuana, may make you consider whether your company will still prohibit those drugs. 

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs):

As understanding of addiction and mental health evolves, so do approaches to employee assistance. Updated policies can include information on available EAPs and resources for employees struggling with substance abuse issues.

In summary, reviewing and updating your drug and alcohol testing policy is essential for various reasons but ultimately this practice demonstrates a commitment to creating a safe and compliant work environment. The beginning of a year is a great time to mark your calendar to review your policy and make changes accordingly. If you don’t have a current policy, did this make you reconsider?

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