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Madigan Rollins
We have used Essential Screens for a few months now and their service is impeccable. They are quick to respond when we have questions and are very cost effective. Highly Recommend!
Laura Bindner
Our company has been benefitting from Essential Screens' incredibly helpful and responsive staff for over a year. Using them as part of our hiring process is one of the best decisions we made early on. Somebody always picks up the phone - Connor, Dawn...I can't remember everyone I've spoken with - and it almost doesn't matter because everybody there seems willing to step in and check on questions. Their website is very easy to navigate for self service, but it is awfully nice to know we can rely on real people for clarification and explanations!
Jessica Pautt
Essential Screens is the best background company; they provide exceptional customer service, respond quickly to requests, and always know how to meet your needs.
Gordon Wall
As with any change in service there is a learning curve, however it is much appreciated that with Essential Screens you can still call on the phone in real time and speak with a person. Conner has been very helpful.
Jamie Fochtman
I have had a partnership with Essential Screens for as long as my tenure in HR. I think the best part of our partnership is their customer service. They have called me to double check and help me fix my mistakes. They have gone above and beyond to help me with information and requirements. And when, for the 15th time, I've locked myself out of the system, there is always a cheerful voice on the other end of the line to help me. I haven't looked around other solutions simply because of their amazing team! Keep it up!
Tracy Hoeft
We have been using Essential Screens for over 6 years. They do a thorough and timely job for us. They are always helpful if we have questions.
Anjali Mukherji
Essential Screens has been a wonderful partner since the day we started working with them. The employees are timely, professional, and kind! Thank you so much for all you do!
Tim Norris
We do a background check on every now higher for the fire department. They have done a very good job and timely returns. Thanks, Tim Norris
Frank DeCicco
I am a new business owner, Dawn and her team has taken the time to work with me , educate me and just make me feel comfortable with the services Essential Screens provides. Any question or concerns they are either emailing us , on the phone or even find time to get on a zoom, Can't thank you enough. Highly recommend Dawn and her team for any and all employment screening.
Victoria Lofton
Excellent customer support and guidance! They have an abundance of forms and resources which have been very helpful to our business. The process is exceptionally easy and streamlined and the staff are very professional and eager to assist in all matters!

The essential difference

When you work with Essential Screens you will always have someone to personally speak with when you have questions. Each staff member is knowledgeable and trained to focus on providing exceptional quality data and customer service. 


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