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Protecting proprietary data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is essential in the technology industry. 

Engineers, developers, IT analysts, network administrators, and even help desk and support workers often have access to sensitive files. Identify potential risks to your customers, clients, and vendors with our comprehensive background screening solutions! Hiring trustworthy and reputable employees is fundamental in maintaining the ambitious standards your company has set. 

When hiring in the technology industry, it is imperative to move quickly as qualified candidates are in high demand. Essential Screens offers comprehensive background checks with turnaround times lower than the national average! Quick invitation technology can be used for the initial background check as well as annual rechecks to simplify and minimize the work on your end.

customize your technology screening

Our services are 100% customizable to your specific needs! From what is included in your package, a la carte options, how invoices are created, and what level of permissions your users have – you’re completely in control. Several other customizations are available within our verifications and other screens when you call and speak to a friendly staff member today!

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