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Maintain compliance and mitigate risk with Essential Screens!

Transportation workers are more than just employees; they are brand representatives of your company in public every day on the road. Hiring safe and attentive drivers that you can trust starts with a comprehensive background check and drug test. DOT or not, every driver presents risks to other motorists if they are under the influence. Random, annual, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident drug testing is essential to help prevent the occurrence of costly fines, litigation, and injuries.

Customizable background checks suited to your specifications ensure that you are receiving the reports you need on your distribution, delivery, and other transportation workers. 

customize your transportation screening

Our services are 100% customizable to your specific needs! From what is included in your package, a la carte options, how invoices are created, and what level of permissions your users have – you’re completely in control. Several other customizations are available within our verifications and other screens when you call and speak to a friendly staff member today!

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